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Date: 3rd August 2015
Refrigeration Microchannel Condenser

 MCHE offer a long list of features not found in other heat exchangers. Parallel flow increases performance by up to 45%

compared to traditional tube and fin heat exchangers. Its special circuit design reduces internal pressure drop on the gas

side by more than 65%, which produces significant savings in compressor energy consumption and weariness. Its slim design and

its thin cross flow tube profile decreases air pressure drop by 25% also bringing considerable advantages: smaller fans, less

noise and lower electricity consumption.
 2. Benefits
 a. Compact overall design — up to 30 percent smaller and lighter than existing tube and fin products
 b. Compact, reduced coil size meets the market's need for less storage space, easy installation, and aesthetics
 c. Superior thermal performance
 d. Aluminum construction yields high durability and is easy to recycle
 e. Easy to handle, minimizing fin damage
 f. Substantial refrigerant charge reduction compared to tube and fin designs, enhancing environmental friendliness and

helping reduce operating  costs
g. Helps original equipment manufacturers meet high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) requirements