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Date: 3rd August 2015
Aluminum Tube Microchannel Condenser

1. Introduction
MCHE use brazed aluminum construction and is based on the unique micro channel technology, which consists of three

components: a flat micro channel tube, fins and two refrigerant manifolds joined together in a single coil. The design

provides greater efficiency than traditional mechanical tube and fin heat exchanger designs.
2. Benefitsa. Little galvanic corrosion (100% aluminum)
b. Refrigerant charge reduction - up to 70%
c. Long life alloy can withstand aggressive environments
d. Helps manufacturers meet high SEER (Seasonal Efficency Ratio) and HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) requirements.
e. MCHE is more than 30% higher heat transfer efficency
f. Up to 30% lower airside dP
g. MCHE is lighter in weight, smaller in volume: up to 50%;100% Aluminum, easy to cycle
h. Minimum performance decrease (100% brazed)
i. Special design for good refrigerant distribution
j. Special fin design for good water drainage          http://www.chinasanpu.com